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Macro Mellow By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $12.95

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MACRO MELLOW is a book designed for 4 types of people: (1) For the person who doesn't know a thing about macrobiotics, but just plain wants to feel better, in spite of the 21st century. (2) It solves the high cholesterol/triglycerides problem without drugs and is the preferred diet for heart disease patients. (3) It is the perfect transition diet for those not ready for macro, while another family member must eat it in order to clear their "incurable" symptoms.

It shows how to convert the "grains, greens, and beans" strict macro food into delicious "American-looking" food that the kids will eat. This saves the cook from making double meals while one person heals. The delicious low-fat food meals designed by Shirley Gallinger, a veteran nurse who has worked with Dr. Rogers for nearly two decades, use macro ingredients without the rest of the family even knowing. It is the first book to dove-tail creative meal planning, menus, recipes and even gardening so the cook isn't driven crazy.

Most likley your kitchen contains a plethora of cookbooks. But you owe it to yourself and your family to learn how to incorporate healing whole foods, low in fat and high in phyto-nutrients into their diets. For who you have planning and cooking your meals is proven to be as important if not more important that who you have chosen for your doctor. For medical research has proven the power of whole food diets to heal where high tech medicines and surgery have failed.