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Total Wellness™ Half Newsletter Year 2021 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. from $20.00

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  • Nutrients proven to stop cancer metastases and Covid-21
  • Time for some serious detox?
  • Common meds create Alzheimer’s and quadruple Covid-19 risk
  • Crystal ball control of your health in 2020
  • A heart attack dangerously and falsely creates high magnesium
  • Statins eventually guarantee Alzheimer’s
  • Still have memory loss?
  • Beware of dangerous doctors


  • Lithium against prions, the brain-damaging stealth Corona virus particle
  • Nutraceuticals that make chemotherapy work better
  • Turn off the 7 Covid-19 stages
  • Jumping genes and 40X mutation rate guarantee CoV-19 can never go away, and continually changes


  • Thwart the 7 stages of COVID-19
  • “To be or not to be”, but always B3
  • COVID-19 prion particles create the perfect crime and silently target brain destruction
  • The right resveratrol protects against 7M toxin poisoning
  • Simple signs of the clueless doctor
  • The purple promis to heal the gut


  • Heparin cuts Covid-19 deaths
  • The prion promise: there may never be a blood test, vaccine or drug.
  • Covid-19 has only been a dress rehearsal: prepare for the next waves
  • Immediate COVID protection when you’ve been exposed
  • Look for the silver lining, or create your own
  • COVID-19 final waves are lung cancer and Alzheimer’s


  • Nutrients and melatonin can stop COVID’s ICU deaths
  • Think twice about how you send that kid off to college
  • Taurine deficiency as a crystal ball predicter of ICU death
  • Caution: beware of fish oil denigrators
  • $10 worth of vitamin C cuts the ICU sepsis death rate 34%


  • First steps to defeating the 7 stages of Covid-19
  • What to do the moment you’ve been exposed to Covid
  • Stop Covid prions from destroying memory, mood, behavior, intellect
  • Farmed fish can cause human insulin resistance and fatty liver
  • Covid’s host (You!) determines its danger
  • The many needs for healing the knees
  • A gingerly health promoter