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Total Wellness™ Half Newsletter Year 2022 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $20.00

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  • Disarm the Covid camouflages
  • Copper is part of the cure
  • Lumen-ize your pain away
  • Begin to grow new brain
  • The gut-brain axis control over Alzheimer’s
  • Niagen can stop Covid from masquerading as a human cell


  • Stop cancer metastases before they begin
  • Latest cardiovascular scam: amyloidosis cardiomyopathy
  • Heal Covid long haulers or cardiovascular disease, since both are coagulopathies (kill by clotting)
  • Lithium for autophagy (detox and cell housekeeping) clears heart and brain amyloid, the cause of Alzheimer’s
  • Covid cannot go away, and will continually mutate, so make sure you are on these protective nutrients
  • More kids with undiagnosed heart damage, from COVID, 7-M, or vaccines


  • Emergency home treatment for Covid
  • Statins boost Covid’s US kills
  • After a 2-year dress rehersal, it’s “Showtime”, as variants infiltrate the world
  • Crack down on Covid’s camouflage as CDC ignores cheap Covid inhibitors
  • FDA’s corn sugar slashes vitamin D, so you never close your Covid entry gates
  • Games statisticians play with your life
  • Ginger for virus-killing interferon-B
  • Stop knee cartilage deterioration


  • Long haulers must first heal mitochondria and insulin resistance
  • Covid vaccine heart damage in the young and unsuspecting elders
  • Reverse early brain injury caused by insulin resistance or Covid
  • A keto crash course for beginners
  • Zinc, chromium, selenium, keto and more to reverse insulin resistance and Covid breakthrough and vulnerability
  • Lithium Orotate crucial for brain protection from Covid and Alzheimer’s


  • Trojan horses: Variants spread from asymptomatic vaccinated folks
  • Your most dangerous hormone creates all disease
  • Vinegar as another staff of life
  • Nutrients do not interfere with chemotherapy
  • Early preventive Covid routine
  • Miserable failure of CDC “experts”
  • Covid: from vagus to every organ
  • Vaccine is not enough for breakthroughs and long haulers


  • Reverse Covid long haulers’ brain deterioration
  • Diagnosing the most dangerous cancer docs
  • Your two most damaging human hormones
  • The two most important disease destroying hormones
  • The O.K. Diet heals the vitamin D receptor
  • Make your knee problems ancient history
  • Protect yourself as Covid variants continue to mutate and infiltrate the world