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Many people are stuck. They have an undiagnosable condition. Or they have a label but have been unable to get well. Or they have a "dead end" label which means nothing more can be done. And many are not able to find a physician who is trained in what our 15 books explore.

These people could benefit from a personal consultation with Dr. Sherry Rogers to explore what diagnostic and treatment options may exist that they or their physicians are not aware of. For this reason we offer prepaid, scheduled phone consultations with the doctor. These can be scheduled through the office by calling 315-488-2856.

If you wish to send copies of your medical reports and/or also have your doctor on the line, this can be helpful as well. Reports must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the consult and not be on fax paper. They should be copies and not originals as they are not returnable. Do not send records without first having secured a scheduled appointment time, for records without an appointment are discarded.

Because you have not come to the office and been examined, you are not considered a patient. In spite of that, you can learn what tests your physician could order and what plans you could follow. If he needs help in interpreting the tests, a scheduled follow up consultation can allow you to explore treatment options with specific nutrient and other treatment suggestions. The point is, you do not have to be alone without guidance in your quest for wellness. And you owe it to yourself to explore the options that you might otherwise never even have heard of.