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The Cholesterol Hoax By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $23.95

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Cholesterol is not the biggest cause of heart disease nor is it predictive of heart disease. In fact, over half the folks who die of a heart attack never had high cholesterol. But they did have other warnings that could have saved their lives, had they been checked. And the cure for these is spelled out here via safe non-prescription nutrients.

Cholesterol is merely the messenger, the smoke detector, alerting you to a curable problem. Why shoot the messenger with a drug when you can find the cause and cure once and for all?

Statin drugs prescribed for high cholesterol poison cholesterol synthesis, which then leads to Alzheimer’s, impotence, tooth loss, depression, sudden heart attack, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, polyneuropathy, tendon ruptures, insulin resistance, amnesia, suicide, heart failure and cancers, plus statins produce deficiencies of vitamin E, folic acid, selenium and CoQ10, ushering in more diseases and shortening life. Fortunately, there are many non-prescription, cheaper, safer, and more effective agents to control cholesterol damage.

Juicy steaks, cheeses, and wine are not forbidden, but one bite of a more common food ingredient (recommended by hospital dieticians) sends thousands of damaging molecules to every one of your body’s trillions of cells and creates high cholesterol. As well, Teflon, plasticizers, PCBs, lead, arsenic, mercury and other unavoidable toxins that we all harbor can trigger coronary artery disease, with or without high cholesterol, as can hidden infections that stem from the teeth, the gut, or former "colds".

Since half the folks who have a heart attack never make it to the hospital in time, you will also learn here how to thwart death with your own home emergency box, plus crucial steps for those who have already survived one. Furthermore, complete with over 700 scientific references for evidence, you will learn more about the prevention and reversal of heart disease than most physicians know, because you need to. For no one can heal you, but you can learn how to heal yourself. Yes, having high cholesterol is one of the luckiest things that ever happened to you, because it led you to this book, which can save your life, regardless of who you are. Clearly, even if you never had high cholesterol you need this book to show you how to slow aging and thwart the number one cause of death, cardiovascular disease.