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The E.I. Syndrome, Revised By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $17.95

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THE E.I. SYNDROME, REVISED is a 635 page book that is necessary for people with environmental illness. It explains chemical, food, mold, and Candida sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, testing methods and how to do the various environmental controls and diets in order to get well.

Many docs buy these by the hundreds and make them mandatory reading for patients, as it contains many pearls about getting well that are not found anywhere else. It covers hundreds of facts that make a difference between E.I. victims versus E.I. conquerors. It helps patients become active partners in their care while avoiding doctor burnout. It covers the gamut of the diagnosis and treatment of environmentally induced symptoms.

Because the physician author was a severe universal reactor who has recovered, this book contains mountains of clues to wellness. As a result many have written that they healed themselves by reading this book. This is in spite of the fact, that no consulted physicians were able to diagnose or effectively treat them. If you are not sure what causes your symptoms, this is a great starter.

Many veteran suffers have written that they had read many books on aspects of allergy, chronic Candidiasis and chemical sensitivity and thought that they knew it all. Yet they wrote that what they learned in THE E.I. SYNDROME REVISED enabled them to reach that last pinnacle of wellness.