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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 1999 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Change your cancer genes back to normal
  • Glucosamine sulfate for anti-aging
  • Make food allergies disappear
  • Do you have these healing bugs in your emergency box?
  • Fluoride lowers I.Q.
  • Catching polio from vaccinated kids
  • Grow your own cancer killers


  • Keys to successful weight loss
    • Zap causes of craving
    • Fat fear causes obesity
    • Create new cell membranes
    • Find your metabolic type
  • Unique whey to heal the gut
  • Mouth-breathers damage teeth
  • Nutrient of the month: DHA
    • Missing link for memory
    • Raises your child's I.Q.
    • Improves your vision


  • You must use real fiber to prevent heart attacks
  • Do you know these Candida fighters?
  • Is it really Candida?
  • Essentials for your emergency non-drug box to zap heartburn and indigestions
  • Detox cocktail rescues doctors
  • Tylenol kills at normal doses


  • Common stomach bug causes cancer
  • School daze: reading, writing and Ritalin
  • Ritalin can cause brain damage
  • Millions of patients smarter than their doctors
  • How to spot inferior vitamins
  • Make nutritious ice cream in minutes


  • Is your cardiologist failing his job?
  • Toxic teachers and toxic students: a dangerous mix
  • How the cancer patient is cheated
  • Make your sweets doubly good for you
  • Anger hardens hearts and arteries


  • IP6 tames the cancer cell, but what else can it do?
  • Setting up your bone bank account
  • A silent bug that causes heart attacks, strokes and senility
  • Tums not for preventing osteoporosis
  • Time to up your C?
  • How to avoid joint surgery


  • Reverse that abnormal Pap smear
  • Should you fire your GYN?
  • Getting the most from you supplements
  • How to get unstuck from a healing plateau
  • Finding a doctor: AAEM has new address
  • A safer Ritalin substitute
  • Don't back down when you feel you have cancer


  • Non-toxic, inexpensive house-keeping
  • Reversing auto-immune diseases like lupus
  • Diagnosing Nystatin-resistant Candida
  • Mercury paralyzes the immune system
  • Healing with fat
  • Reversing vitiligo's bleached skin
  • When not to take your nutrients
  • August attitude adjustment


  • Protect yourself against cancer causing plastics
  • Smelly urine asparagus signals detox glitch
  • Using food to rev up detoxification
  • Detox enema to the rescue
  • Caution medicine's double stranded
  • Boosting your brain's happy hormones


  • Cure gallbladder without surgery or drugs
  • Start now to make your body flu-proof this winter
  • Medicine's biggest lie about cancer: "We got it all."
  • Test tells if you are an easy mark for cancer
  • Do you do this cancer-proofing step?
  • Safer home products
  • Do you know this Candida-fighter?


  • Are you taking these nutrients?
  • Transition off damaging trans fatty acids
  • Protecting yourself from deadly nightshades
  • How the cancer patient is cheated (Part II)
  • Nutrients lessen side effects of chemo therapy and cancer
  • CoQ10: Don't leave home without it


  • The ultimate crystal ball of cancer tests
  • Are you getting both thyroid hormones?
  • Heal your hypertension and get off dangerous drugs
  • Help for healing the liver and immune system
  • Epidemic B vitamin deficiency
  • New prescription medicines to avoid