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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2000 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Is your office giving you cancer?
  • Cholesterol triggers Alzheimer’s
  • Tocotrienols thwart cholesterol
  • Coated tongue mirrors toxic blood
  • Melatonin for quick age-retarding insomnia solution
  • Antibiotics cause auto-immune diseases
  • Boosting your bug-fighting ability naturally with laktoferrin
  • Nutrient tranquilizer zaps sugar cravings
  • “Fast B vitamins” solve hidden metabolic defects


  • Migraine busters
  • Mercury Detox Formula
  • New crystal ball cancer tests
  • Break the free radical chain reaction with Microhydrin
  • Create your own moods
  • The innocent egg makes a come-back
  • Missing link for memory
  • Raises your child's I.Q.
  • Improves your vision


  • Even more natural substitutes for antibiotics
  • Check your pH and alkalinize yourself
  • Biofilms: how to penetrate the unseen armor of bacteria
  • Rx blood pressure medications cause mysterious cough
  • Nurturing your gut, the gateway to healing everything
  • Sinus lavage that replaces antibiotics


  • Syndrome X: Do you have it and don’t know it?
  • Best memory booster
  • Protect against pesticides with Huperzine?
  • These nutrients a must for diabetics (and even you)
  • A mineral for terminal cancer pain
  • A mineral that shrinks cancers
  • Good thoughts retard aging


  • The ultimate way to detox for life
  • Toxic teeth: a reason many will never get well
  • Heavy metals make heavy hearts
  • Boron turns off arthritis, stops osteoporosis
  • How to keep hormones from causing cancer


  • Does your body’s fuel pump need a boost?
  • The estrogen answer
  • Carnitine for the winning sports edge
  • Cholesterol is not the culprit
  • Does your gut harbor the heart attack bug?
  • Do you get all 8 forms of vitamin E?


  • The ultimate health secret
  • End the aspirin hoax for heart
  • Natural clot-busters
  • Tofu damages brains
  • Triple your Natural Killer cells against cancer and infection
  • There’s cancer in those Styrofoam coffee cups
  • Everyday chemicals destroy


  • Asthma: causes and cures
  • What is missing from your total load?
  • Common pain medications damage hearts
  • What to do when your best friend has cancer
  • Readers’ questions


  • Mussels for safe pain relief
  • Cadmium causes high blood pressure and heart failure
  • Only real fiber is cancer-inhibiting: ignore the news
  • Protect against pesticides and memory loss
  • Calcium stops PMS
  • Readers’ great questions


  • Solutions for resistant Candida
  • Escape dying in the hospital
  • The dangers of genetically modified foods
  • Control your emotions with chemistry
  • OTC hazards on the rise
  • Deep FIR heat for speedy healing


  • Vitamin cuts heart attacks 70%
  • One amino acid stops angina
  • Zap ROS: the cause of all disease
  • More safe ways to boost mood and memory
  • The forgotten mineral that protects arteries and bones
  • The Fosamax folly
  • Beware of Celebrex & Vioxx
  • ICU Syndrome


  • Find your toxic teeth that are damaging distant organs
  • Fortify your 3 1/2 lb. gut garden for the holy days ahead
  • Wellness Against All Odds program proven to more than quadruple cancer survival
  • Dramatic help for Parkinson’s disease
  • Drug-free cholesterol-lowering
  • More ways to make happy hormones
  • Say NO to the flu shot