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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2001 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Leading high blood pressure drugs cause heart death
  • Potent new form of CoQ10
  • Dioxin at every dinner? No wonder there’s so much cancer
  • Prescription mercury remover available non-Rx
  • Lutein vital for eye protection
  • Diesel danger


  • The Detox Cocktail for indispensable protection
  • Put an end to toxic water
  • Zap those sweet cravings
  • Bromelain: Healing power from the pineapple
  • Beware of dye in magnesium
  • Lithium makes new brain cells
  • Organic pesticides cause Parkinson’s disease


  • For your annual tune-up, think zinc
  • Important nutrients for brain and other tumors
  • “Sugar-free” can trigger thyroid and brain malfunction
  • Heart Disease? Think amalgams
  • The principles of chemical sensitivity
  • Bitter through chemistry
  • Another answer for fibromyalgia


  • Defending yourself against the unseen enemy: Environmental Endocrine Disrupters (EED)
  • Mold masquerades as madness
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical companies controlling HMOs
  • Quadruple cancer survival
  • Calcium: The double-edged sword


  • How to read a supplement label
  • Water, water everywhere, yet ne’er a drop to drink
  • The world’s most vicious MACC attack
  • Magnesium, the athlete’s forgotten mineral
  • B-1 boosts energy, brain and heart
  • Rescue your tired eyes before they deteriorate
  • Depressed? Think gut


  • Making sure you have the right diagnosis
  • Charging the immune system’s ability to conquer
  • The Alzheimer’s answer
  • Mold the great mimic
  • Are you a glutton for gluten?
  • Parkinson’s disease is the classic total load
  • Old-fashioned pulse test to the rescue


  • Ultimate crystal ball heart test
  • Lipoic for life
  • Is it time to test your cardiologist?
  • Drugs: The answer or instigator?
  • Reversing the cause of benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Beware of new drugs
  • Is there a difference between Tri-Salts?


  • Chemicals and the coming of age
  • Diagnosing hidden Candida
  • Making sure stroke recovery is complete
  • Vinpocetine improves stroke recovery
  • Are you losing your sports edge or merely your PC?
  • Protect yourself with magnesium
  • Watch out for more violence, aggression, and depression


  • More missing pieces from the prostate puzzle
  • Cadmium, a curable cause of cancer?
  • Do you know these telltale signs of impending cancer?
  • Heart attack from toxic teeth
  • Are you ready to learn applied kinesiology?


  • Serial killers in your pantry?
  • You can’t do it all? — don’t need to
  • The hidden cause of disease
  • Prepare for Twin Towers toxins
  • Amputation of both breasts not guaranteed to prevent cancer
  • How environmental chemicals cause heart disease


  • Cure for resistant magnesium deficiency
  • Pharmaceutical dangers finally exposed
  • Less toxic toiletries
  • Resent cooking time?
  • Secondhand smoke can raise havoc with your heart
  • The key to weight loss
  • Ritalin damages brains just like cocaine


  • Using yeasts to heal recalcitrant unrelenting diarrhea
  • Holiday tips to prevent the January slump
  • Are dentists getting dumber?
  • Help for holiday hemorrhoids
  • All stressed out and no place to go?
  • It’s official: estrogen causes cancer
  • Hamburger Helper helps make arteriosclerosis
  • Food irradiation under a new disguise