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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2002 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Age-proofing your brain and memory
  • Make sure your grandchildren are smart
  • Discover major correctable reasons why many will never get better
  • Disease-proof your body with food
  • PC-Spes for prostate cancer
  • Post partum depression cure
  • Thwart pervasive plastic plague


  • Preparing for surgery: indispensable tests and nutrients
  • Low thyroid with normal blood tests needlessly mimics old age
  • Is your body flu-proof?
  • Protect against genetic damage
  • Discovering a common hidden cause for chronic fatigue, weight gain, and high cholesterol


  • Hypochondriac or hypothyroid?
  • Thyroid trial for your anti-aging program
  • Natural cholesterol zappers
  • Thwart kiddie cancer: now the 1 disease to cause death
  • Disease-proofing the gut to avoid total body illness
  • The perfect crime: normal tests but abnormal glands


  • Evidence: drug industry controls medicine’s practice guidelines
  • Ground Zero Syndrome: everyone is vulnerable
  • Master your moods with L-Theanine
  • Put your money where your dreams are
  • U.S. House puts nix on smallpox vaccine
  • Molybdenum for sugar and weight control
  • Juicy steak, eggs and cheese thwart cholesterol


  • The 1 cause of death is not a disease
  • Restoring the spark of life
  • Cut alcohol cravings with glutamine
  • Soy acts like fertilizer for cancer
  • Boost iodine before nuclear disaster
  • Gad-Zooks, I’ve got G.A.D.!
  • Detox with glycine
  • New magnesium source


  • Cystitis secret
  • Crystal ball cancer test
  • Natural cholesterol cure: beats prescription meds like Lipitor
  • Premarin-takers’ life-saving test
  • Find and reverse cancer chemistry
  • Iodine for lowering strontium
  • Thwart dangerous drop in food nutrients
  • Lithium for Herpes


  • The osteoporosis answer: and it’s not a Premarin, or Evista deficiency
  • One simple nutrient package boosts energy for cancer patients
  • Osteoporosis prescriptions promote cancer, blood clots, ulcers
  • Solo nutrient heals leg cramps, Crohn’s, heart and thyroid
  • Pc-Spes substitute
  • Correct nutrients that drugs deplete before new diseases


  • Now that cancer has been diagnosed, here’s your first step
  • Non-Rx Tagamet makes food allergies worse
  • Cure heartburn bugs without antibiotics
  • Getting rid of those pounds that won’t budge
  • Safer seafood
  • U.S. folate Rx 1200% wrong
  • You’ll have to take the lead to prevent birth defects
  • Protecting yourself against occupational chemicals
  • Organic, non-GMO foods available to everyone
  • Safe, inexpensive herb for menopause symptoms


  • First steps when your heart scan shows early damage
  • Measure and control harmful EMF
  • Fake sugars mimic common symptoms
  • Soy weakens the immune system
  • Lycopene’s anti-cancer benefits without arthritis
  • Magnesium loss not the only cause of cramps


  • Nailing down the fundamental causes of your symptoms
  • How to get unstuck from a healing plateau
  • Protecting yourself from misguided medicine
  • Quick fix for depression
  • Government discovers prescription hormones cause cancer
  • Instant relief for kids’ tummy aches


  • You can catch a heart attack
  • What is the highest anti-oxidant food? Hint: It’s not fruits or veggies
  • Nanobacterium calcifies coronary arteries
  • Vanadium mimics insulin
  • Crack those medical myths
  • Common bug turns body parts to stone


  • Medicine does an about face: recommends vitamins for everyone
  • Safe virus killer for coronaries
  • Herbal migraine remedy beats brain-damaging Imitrex
  • Vitamins reverse genetic disease
  • How to lose stubborn weight, after all else fails
  • Clean out those cholesterol-fed brain and heart arteries
  • Cheaper and safer than Celebrex
  • Hidden sugars trigger violent mood swings