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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2003 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Nattokinase: the heart’s clot buster
  • Parents-to-be: detoxify
  • Arthritis relief with collagen type II
  • Flu protection: transfer factor
  • Farmed fish have 10X the PCBs
  • Abort hangovers and MCS (chemical sensitivity) brain fog
  • Brain-damaging heavy metals rampant in infant soy formula
  • Antibiotics trigger auto-immune disease


  • After bypass surgery, here are the most important things you need to do
  • Food irradiation zaps nutrients
  • Get the brain-damaging lead out
  • Mysterious WTC cough is the tip of the toxic iceberg
  • Gallbladder boost
  • Monsanto madness deliberately poisons people
  • End winter blues


  • Reverse “irreversible” nerve damage
  • Revitalize your memory
  • Quadruple cancer survival
  • How to get your Nizoral Rx
  • Light up your brain with PS
  • Death at “safe” EPA levels
  • A cheap, accurate test for metastases


  • Essential first aid for cancer
  • Recipe and tools for turning off early cancer
  • Reverse disease the folate way
  • Your personal corrective nutrient prescription
  • Calcium sources for non-meat eaters
  • Heal anything in spite of misguided medicine
  • Don’t let polyps turn malignant


  • Bursitis/tendonitis gone in less than 24 hours
  • Prepare your immune system for bio-terrorism
  • Boost the brain’s electricity and sparkle with boron
  • Macadamia nut oil for a healthful Mac Attack
  • Nix on anthrax vaccines
  • Your detox formula
  • Non-Rx hormone tests with customized natural hormones


  • ALC rejuvenates aging
  • Reverse crankiness, crotchetiness, and memory loss
  • Protect against SARS with mushroom magic
  • Slip out of Alzheimer’s or cancer with an oil change
  • Vitamins proven essential to prevent common diseases


  • Live food diet, incredibly easy and curative
  • QRS for tooth and heart rescue
  • The cholesterol-lowering vitamin
  • Rx drugs trigger mental disease and cancer, kids are next target
  • Vitamin E reverses the CRP
  • Boost your antibody protection against SARS and other bugs
  • The fat that cuts heart attack rate in half
  • Celebrex and Vioxx lock up bladder function
  • Green tea cooler for cholesterol and weight loss


  • First-aid for bipolar depression, OCD and panic attacks
  • Gag order: EPA ordered to hush about toxic drinking water
  • Cure cholesterol without brain-damaging, age-accelerating and cancer-promoting drugs
  • Little known herb kills chemo-resistant cancer cells and gut parasites
  • Hold off on brain-damaging newborns’ immunizations


  • Abolish flu in 10 minutes
  • Guard against more lethal medical practice on the way
  • Never agree to “pull the plug” until….
  • Get a harmless trial of this life-saving injection
  • “Normal” blood tests miss this dangerous deficiency
  • The nutty side of longevity


  • New home chelation that’s better than I.V.—especially for nanobac
  • Special form of vitamin E crucial for cancer
  • Safe substitute for Prilosec, Prevacid & Nexium
  • Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic
  • Non-prescription around the clock hormone balance
  • Mystery disease that’s rarely diagnosed, common, yet easily cured


  • Cracking cancer’s lie and myths
  • Neglected nutrients that are crucial for cancer patients
  • Disease-producing trans fatty acid levels of common foods
  • Human flame retardant levels soar, mimicking many diseases
  • Reprogram your mutated cancer-promoting gene back to a normal p53 cancer-killing gene


  • IBM paying $7000 to home owners with cancer-causing air
  • Your physical is worthless without this blood test
  • Reverse early lung cancer
  • 1/3 prostate cancers have normal CSA
  • Best emergency magnesium to have at home
  • Gut level holiday protection
  • Obstetrical deaths saved with nutrients
  • Rationed health care is here