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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2004 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • New arthritis drugs cost $16,000/year, they speed cancer and death
  • Better than Botox——Qlink
  • Cure arthritis in weeks
  • Vitamin E halves heart attack and death risk
  • Taurine, the forgotten amino
  • Reverse eye, heart, brain and digestive diseases


  • The top 10 causes of headaches
  • Alkaline water is a super antioxidant for anti-aging
  • Are you getting the best diabetic care?
  • Hidden key to lowering the PSA
  • Reverse memory loss with flower power
  • You clearly need a boron boost!


  • New R-LA form rejuvenates the brain, heart, and energy
  • Cheaper and safer non-Rx statin lowers cholesterol better
  • Mud magic clears interference fields that block healing
  • Cut chemotherapy drug resistance 10-fold
  • Banish bladder infections in less than 2 days without antibiotics
  • Vitamin K2 and enzymes double survival


  • IPT tricks cancer cells into being gluttons for chemo
  • Lyme disease meets its nemesis
  • Don’t die in ICU, these 2 inexpensive nutrients a life saver
  • Chicken McNugget nightmare targets children
  • Mercury Misery: stop it from ruining your life
  • Berberine strengthens hearts


  • Rescue your child’s starving brain and make learning easier
  • Potent virus fighter: lactoferrin
  • Veterans with cancer eligible for toxic compensation
  • Vitamin D deficiency treated as Fosamax/Actonil deficiencies
  • Don’t let “benign” colon polyps become cancer
  • Can C-Med-100 reverse aging?
  • Rejuvenate sluggish memory
  • Boost Cancer Survival 8X
  • No-cost gingivectomy alternative


  • Most important test of your life: testing your oncologist
  • Healing with water
  • Is all milk fertilizer for cancer?
  • Reverse hearing loss
  • Gut bugs cause arthritis
  • 1 in 6 kids has brain damage
  • Glutathione cuts chemotherapy dose, toxicity and deaths
  • Nix On Nexium
  • Clean house with Uva Ursi


  • Reverse macular degeneration
  • CoQ10 aborts Adriamycin chemo-induced heart death
  • Folate reverses Alzheimer’s
  • Carnitine for weight loss
  • Pesticide protection plan
  • Olive Leaf as an antibiotic
  • Better than cholesterol drugs


  • New heart risk test, ADMA
  • A simple cure for high blood pressure
  • Learn O-Ring muscle testing
  • Boost your silver lining of longevity
  • Vitamin D beats Fosamax
  • Cancer treatment pearls
  • Turning the corner with the colon cleanse


  • Parabens from cosmetics and toiletries found in breast cancers
  • No more mammograms?
  • Out with aspirin-recommending cardiologists
  • Hold on infant immunizations
  • Liquid trace minerals prime and revive tired cells
  • Vitamins C & E & GSH outshine Plavix and aspirin
  • Getting rid of bugs in the pantry
  • NEEM replaces toxic DEET


  • Rescue for stranded, dead-end illnesses
  • Reverse Alzheimer’s before it’s too late
  • Important 1st steps when cancer is diagnosed
  • Stomach cancer cured with an antibiotic
  • You control your baby’s allergies
  • Brain and memory rejuvenator: lithium


  • 1 blood pressure drug HCT guarantees diseases of heart & brain
  • Breast and prostate are body’s toxic waste sites: clean them
  • Special iodine boosts energy, clears fibrocystic breasts
  • Reversing coronary calcifications: stage 1
  • Give the best Christmas gift
  • Vitamin K gets a grip on unwanted artery calcium


  • Reverse your cataracts
  • The hormone solution for high blood pressure
  • Safe silver for killing viruses
  • Hidden gut parasites damage kids’ brains
  • Asthma: get rid of it
  • Plump aging skin while you cholesterol-proof arteries
  • Safe C heals strokes
  • “Slightly abnormal” liver enzymes are dangerous clue