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  • Healing with light, from burns to back pain
  • Schizophrenia solved
  • Arginine prevents infection
  • Make sure you’re full of beans
  • After bypass, oil those new parts for longevity
  • One in three teens is vitamin D deficient
  • Fats control your genes


  • Nursing mothers are damaging their children’s brains
  • Get off the magnesium merry-go-round
  • GM foods still erode health
  • Finding a smart oncologist
  • The cheapest and safest Vioxx substitute
  • Healing resistant osteoporosis
  • Heartburn rescue
  • This chocolate is healthful?


  • Vitamin D for diabetes?
  • Dissolve arterial plaque, step I
  • Ignore implanted defibrillator and repair your heart
  • A nutrient to kill pancreatic cancer cells
  • Reversing disease begins with making a membrane sandwich
  • Molds mimic every disease


  • Hold off on that gallbladder surgery and repair it
  • Rescue for years of Bell’s palsy
  • Mercury toxicity is on the rise
  • Carotenoids that kill cancer cells
  • Thwarting the brain damage that follows surgery
  • Smoking mothers damage infants’ thyroids and brains
  • Boost bile production


  • Answer for atrial fibrillation
  • Coumadin damages heart valves
  • NSAIDs cause high blood pressure
  • Vitamin E basher is dead wrong
  • 5 nutrients double bladder cancer survival
  • Vitamin K thwarts hepatitis’ liver cancer
  • Dates healthy for teens


  • The first ten steps when you get a cancer
  • Boron for mood, memory, coordination and bone
  • Heart surgery no better than medical management
  • The tragic trans trade-off
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Childhood cancers begin in the parents
  • Diesel destroys mitochondria, accelerates aging


  • Mushroom magic, from fear to fantastic
  • 6 steps for reversing macular degeneration and slowing cataracts
  • Statin drugs damage the good effect of vitamin E
  • Simple reflux cures
  • Coumadin promotes earlier heart death and bone loss
  • The glutamine/glutamate/glutamic acid quagmire
  • Irritable bowel does not deserve an irritable gastroenterologist


  • Sit on it: Potent protection against prostate cancer and osteoporosis
  • Nutrients to detoxify plastics
  • More tools to reverse coronary plaque
  • Beware of these new drugs
  • Traffic fumes trigger kids’ cancers
  • Breast cancer answer
  • Heartburn drugs double pneumonia and infections


  • Cell phones cause leaky brain syndrome, brain rot, mimic legally drunk
  • Daily dose of plastics triggers asthma and allergies
  • One mineral can reverse cancers
  • Virus killers: the next cutting-edge
  • Prevent Rx antibiotics/steroids combo from killing you
  • Iodine deficient mothers spawn retarded and ADHD kids


  • Mad as a hairdresser?
  • Do you know your crystal ball coronary calcium score?
  • Breast implants cause autoimmune disease
  • Thwarting deadly DVT
  • Remedy for preventing mycotoxin damage
  • Choosing the right form of DHEA
  • A better magnesium?
  • Stop colon polyps from becoming malignant


  • Pennies of one mineral repairs 33 cancer genes and reverses cancer
  • Zinc deficiency masquerades as Celebrex deficiency
  • Tocotrienols turn off cancer and high cholesterol
  • Cancer survival not improved in 30 years
  • Learn to interpret your own ION Panel
  • Never too late to find correctable causes of hearing loss


  • Mercury’s hidden brain damaging epidemic targets kids
  • 2 out of 3 doctors lie about cancer survival
  • Reversing chemotherapy’s deafness
  • Policosanol dissolves existing arterial wall cholesterol plaque
  • Glycine thwarts heartburn’s H. pylori and cancer spread
  • Crucifers crucify cancers
  • Osteoporosis’ missing cures
  • How to avoid harmful hepatitis injections