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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2007 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Holiday heartburn rescue
  • The tooth connection to heart disease
  • Heal and regenerate damaged nerves
  • Lycopene cuts cholesterol
  • Speed post-surgery healing
  • More good news for cancer, and plastics mimic DES
  • Squeaky clean gut, stronger wrinkle cream, unknown homocysteine cure


  • The cheapest, best, safest place to start to lower your cholesterol
  • Special vitamin E protects against Parkinson’s damage
  • Reverse Alzheimer’s, the earlier the better
  • Are you harboring the silent CRP time-bomb?
  • No-torture cholesterol diet
  • Chromium promotes weight loss and lowers cholesterol


  • Power over your weight, at last!
  • Stop cancer’s return and spread, and weeds to whack cancer
  • Does vitamin D stand for dangerously delinquent?
  • Diabetics: you can prevent dialysis
  • Plastics more dangerous than we thought
  • Silymarin solutions
  • Double effectiveness of your chemotherapy with glucans


  • There will not longer be a flu season.
  • Do you know your crystal ball Coronary Calcium Score?
  • Boost HDL, the good cholesterol
  • Beta-blockers accelerate death
  • Preventing sudden worsening in cancer patients
  • Reverse osteoporosis and correct vitamin K2 deficiency


  • Put the brakes on your coronary calcium score
  • Teflon and plastics create high cholesterol
  • Toxic kids from toxic cars
  • Cut your chance of a second heart attack in half for pennies
  • Multiple sclerosis plan
  • Green tea stops prostate cancer
  • Dangers of antidepressants for pregnant women
  • Oral glutathione nips infections in the bud


  • The copper connection for healing pain
  • Plastics in baby’s environment trigger asthma, allergies, and damage IQ
  • Cod liver oil, the widow-whacker
  • Erectile dysfunction can save your life
  • A new folate finding
  • Obesity epidemic answer
  • Nix on new cholesterol drug
  • Taming Lipoprotein(a)


  • Guard against the “clueless” cardiologist
  • Selenium for all cancer work-ups, Melatonin magic for breast cancer
  • The lowdown on the dangers of polycarbonate plastics
  • Common allergy rots brain
  • Fish oil helps lower triglycerides, heal gallbladder
  • Hepatitis drugs cause worsening
  • DNA repair beyond zinc, DHA and B-carotene
  • Enzymes thwart elevated fibrinogen, high insulin needs oil change


  • Emergency heart attack medicines, keys to getting Cardio/ION panel
  • Axe infections in summer
  • Your osteoporosis formula
  • Surprising brain rescue at any age
  • Reversing your abnormal or suspicious PAP smear
  • Cadmium curse causes cancer, osteoporosis, infections, kidney damage, and more


  • Statin drugs cause sudden amnesia and mimic strokes
  • Medical mysteries and cancer created by zinc-depleting plastics
  • Think twice before that cardiac stent
  • Reversing early cancer stages in a nutshell
  • More anti-aging options
  • Insurance companies decide your fate


  • A lower cholesterol is not the answer
  • Grandkids health in danger
  • Location of child’s daycare center determines intellect
  • Easily solved reason why some will never get better
  • Repairing resistant elevated homocysteine
  • Attack mysterious muscle disease
  • Insist on magnesium for your heart attack
  • Curing uterine fibroids and POS
  • Plastics trigger high insulin, Syndrome X, and weight that won’t budge


  • Teflon creates high cholesterol
  • Cholesterol drugs trigger cancers
  • Do you need this new stool test?
  • IVs and catheters load babies with damaging plastics
  • Auto exhaust creates mysterious anemia
  • Autistic kids are cheated


  • It should be malpractice to fail to assay and prescribe nutrients
  • Chemical toxicity proof
  • Vanadium to reverse weight, Syndrome X, and more
  • Cancer patients cheated without nutrients
  • Diabetes meds lower B12, calcium, and create disease
  • C & E slow heart death 10X