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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2008 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • The key to easy weightloss
  • Axe ICU death with 5 nutrients
  • Osteoporosis essentials
  • Thyroid rescue
  • Check out Proton therapy for prostate cancer
  • No Celebrex for colon cancer
  • One nutrient could cut $25 billion from cancer costs


  • A trial fibrillation's deadliest prescription drug
  • Selenium can make PSA normal
  • Get rid of diabetes, high insulin, syndrome X, and sugar cravings
  • Could the mysterious symptoms be as simple as wheat?
  • The needs of the knees


  • Reverse memory loss
  • More essentials for prostate cancer program
  • Abort bladder infections without antibiotics
  • You need a partner in health to be maximally successful
  • Getting rid of tremors
  • Trans fats more deadly than ever
  • Low Sulfates another due to phthalate toxicity
  • Proof of heavy metal, plasticizer, and other toxin damage
  • Plavix invites death


  • Vitamin D debacle
  • Gammatocopherol needed for prostate
  • Stop bladder stones and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Addiction answer
  • Selenium halves cancerrate
  • Heavy metals detox pearls determine next dose


  • Osteoporosis begins in the mouth
  • Mattress PBDEs damage thyroid
  • Reverse Parkinson's early
  • The colors of detoxification
  • Down with diabetes
  • Exponental Rx drugside effects
  • Freeze meat to kill bugs
  • Finding hidden B6 deficiencies


  • Repair the biochemistry of boredom
  • Missing mineral in both Protection and osteoporosis reversal
  • Selenium slows coronary plaque progression
  • Silly to omit silymarin form your cancer program
  • Gammatocopherols make cancer cells commit suicide
  • Diadetes reversal and anti-aging essentials
  • Another answer to bizarre shifting aches and pains


  • Vitamin K to shrink plague and keep arteries clean
  • Uncorrectable magnesium? Are you looking in the wrong place
  • Healthful gourmet dressings
  • Seaweeds act like heparin for cancer, dissolving armor
  • Surviving the hospital experience
  • Harniessing the plastics plague
  • Chlamydia: How harmless colds lead to heart attack


  • Insomnia solutions
  • Brain repair for kids' and adults' with ADD and dyslexia
  • Is a hidden food allergy key to your chronic condition?
  • Stomach drugs stunt the brain
  • Zap the bad egg rap
  • The fishy solution for obesity
  • Molds and trailer toxins create mysterious diseases


  • Colitis cures to use today
  • How to tell if cancer is silently on the move
  • DHA puts the brakes on alsheimer's amyloid
  • Diabetics help us all live longer
  • Depression is not a Prozac deficiency
  • NSAIDs shorten your life and your sleep while raising blood pressure
  • Weaning off medications,3 by 3


  • I bet your dose of E is to low
  • Long flight ahead? Protect yourself from leg clots
  • Vitamin D3 and R-Lipoic halve heart damage
  • The toxic tooth connection map
  • One more anti-aging secret
  • Is magnesium stearate filler incapsules safe?
  • 1 in 4 kids' brains destoryed, and plastic toys, the next danger?


  • Clobbering colesterol can be fatal, and often is
  • Reverse end-stage heart failer
  • Hyperactivity offcially curable
  • Knee pain? Did you check your level of vitamin D3?
  • Osteoporosis and tooth salvage
  • G-Toc cures water retention
  • Resistant Candida? Think Hg
  • New carpet, furniture and auto exhaust damage hearts
  • Rescue for sudden hearing loss


  • Logevity wake-up call
  • The prostate cancer answer
  • Prevent hearing loss with NAC
  • Curing toddlers' and teens' obsity and diabetes
  • Safer toiletries