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Total Wellness™ Newsletter Year 2009 By Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. $40.00 - $50.00

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  • Make your aging brain 12 years younger in 3 months
  • Sunscreens trigger prostatitis, prostate and breast cancer
  • Blood clots warn of cancer on the move and early death
  • How the cancer patient is enormously cheated
  • Statins can lead to blindness
  • Test your oncologist
  • Reverse macular degeneration


  • Antibiotic-resistant Infection? Look at mercury
  • Coumadin fosters osteoporosis, coronary and valve calcifications
  • Quintile Question
  • You may not be buggy enough
  • Easy colon cancer prevention
  • Glutamine speeds recovery
  • No energy? Fix it
  • Coumadin can cause liver cancer


  • Fungus fighters rescue toxic livers and NAFvvLD/NASH
  • Make your Lumen work better
  • Boron helps lower PSA and thwart prostate cancer
  • Brew your way to better memory and out of Alzheimer’s
  • The ⁢Lipitor Lie" targets kids and lowers intellect
  • Fatal lung disease from prescribed arthritis meds
  • New RX shrinks and starves brain


  • A ⁢normal" level D triples heart attacks and doubles Lupus & MS
  • How not to die from ⁢modern" medicine
  • One more nutrient that stops genes from causing cancer
  • Metabolic Syndrome X, better called 3-D disease?
  • Thwart breast cancer or it’s return and metastases
  • Prevent hazy vision after Lasik


  • To cure Alzheimer’s, start as soon as possible
  • It is time to trade up on your colonoscopy doc?
  • Yuppies: Dazzle them with homemade healthful biscuits
  • Truth about fake sweeteners, melamine, pyrethrins
  • Stop heart calcifications
  • Learn to cook the books
  • ALC for chemotherapy protection


  • Medical media deceit on vitamin E injures millions
  • New Cod for cardiac protection
  • Blueberries for bones?
  • Vitamin D & K for cancer
  • Only 1 in 7 new drugs offers benefits
  • Buckwheat for high blood pressure
  • Higher vitamin dose than RDA needed to stop cancers


  • Drug coated Stent is the worst choice; it kills faster
  • Untested chemicals permeate homes and bodies
  • Magnesium absorbed through skin
  • Prune power for osteoporosis
  • Nix on dental sealants
  • Danger after hospitalization
  • Drugs & plastics lower vitamin D, promoting cancer


  • 85% of stents were found not necessary
  • Greater survival was in folks without stents
  • 1 in 4 has prostate cancer with a ⁢normal" PSA
  • You may need marihuana oil
  • Did your doctor miss this diagnosis for exhaustion?
  • Vitamin deficiencies even when taking them?
  • Hidden hypothyroidism is rampant


  • One vitamin can reverse serious heart disease
  • Diabetes drugs create worse diseases
  • Recipe for repairing brain memory for recent events
  • Non-Prescription meds are no guarantee of safety
  • Guard against Gardasil vaccine
  • Double your detox program
  • Iodine to stop breast cancer


  • Enzyme zaps stents’ clots
  • Don’t do Cardiac laser ablation
  • Stop cancer’s chemotherapy from killing you
  • Tinted contacts can blind
  • Detox cocktail retards aging
  • Kick Syndrome X and immovable weight
  • Glycine’s glory expands
  • Non-GMO Phosphatidyl Choline


  • Your cancer battle plan
  • Watchful waiting: does it really mean “wrong doc”?
  • Don’t neglect this spice for life
  • Have you got the ⁢Mo"?
  • The fibrinogen warning: clots, cancer or cardiac death
  • No Hysterectomy for fibroids
  • Sudden shortness of breath can mean fatal pulmonary embolus


  • End serious and mysterious joint and muscle pain
  • Leading Rx drugs drive the Alzheimer’s epidemic
  • PC for perfect health
  • Re-evaluate your prostate plan: 75% of biopsies are wrong
  • D for cholesterol control?
  • Hormone hoax targets women, causes cancer and Alzheimer’s