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  • The canola con more damaging than the soy ploy
  • Diabetics are cheated out of neuropathy and Hgb A1C cures
  • Tooth loss: a serious warning
  • Cure post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Lumen for cancer?
  • ALC crucial for diabetes
  • Classified pineal gland not harmless


  • Turn off BPH and prostate cancer
  • You can actually cure the most fatal heart disease
  • Butyrate accelerates healing from surgery and trauma
  • Non-Rx pain meds create fatal heart failure, high blood pressure, and joint destruction
  • Nutrients that repair cancer genes
  • Danger: 3-D Docs only use drugs, devices and destruction


  • Defend yourself against dangerous diabetes docs
  • Does your oncologist unknowingly create metastases?
  • The warfarin warning and coumadin crapshoot
  • New IV dangers: they hasten organ death
  • Check the cancer facts before you fall for chemotherapy
  • Worsening of mental disease in spite of drugs
  • Fosamax creates new diseases


  • Cancer from arsenic in chickens
  • Canola depletes E, lowers platelets, is outlawed for infants
  • Alzheimer’s gene is bunk
  • Arthritis treatments ridiculous without EFAs
  • Doctors lead the way to death
  • A commonly missing detox element
  • Medical rationing on the horizon


  • Are you aging too fast?
  • Toxic adrenals create anxiety, fatigue and poor recovery
  • Indispensable mineral for diabetics is needed by all of us
  • Key to leukemia and MDS cures
  • Do you have a dangerous Doc?
  • Cod controls over 1,000 genes
  • Post appendectomy dangers


  • Butyrate repairs cancer gene
  • Silicon for body + skin scaffold
  • Solving heavy metal confusion
  • Getting insurance coverage for lab work
  • “Safe” pesticides, not so safe
  • Drug or repair the ailing thyroid?
  • Cancer isn’t forever


  • Is your oncologist missing a chance to cure your cancer
  • Kill resistant Candida
  • ALC is key for anti-aging
  • Boost HDL “good” cholesterol
  • Unknown homocysteine rescue
  • Indigestion/indican cancer link
  • Plastics make cancers resistant to chemotherapy: remove them
  • Stop killer clots


  • Reverse chronic disease by getting rid of the cause
  • Adrenal (stress gland) rescue
  • Children’s brain repair
  • Be a widow wacker and protect your spouse
  • Dangers of low secretory IgA
  • The prostate/breast cancer connection


  • Safe heavy metal removal for kids and ‘delicate’ folks
  • Perspective parents must detoxify to save child’s brain
  • Why cardiologists and insurers don’t promote cures
  • Cheap vitamins cause Alzheimer’s
  • Crucial nutrients can reverse diabetes and blood pressure
  • Lumen for Cancer?
  • Beware: oncologists focused on repeated x-rays and blood tests can create metastasies


  • Fibromyalgia is 100% curable
  • Rx meds create the disease avalanche
  • Blood clots: a clue to hidden cancer
  • Attack silent knee replacement infections
  • FDA condones brain rot and blindness as side effects
  • Beware of Aspirin to prevent cancer. It causes blindness
  • Beware of IV chelation


  • Cardiac ablation (heart destruction) is not FDA approved
  • How to reverse aging and rejuvenate your heart
  • Reasons for avoiding the flu vaccine
  • Silymarin for mitochondrial repair
  • Sick gallbladder? Don’t remove it, clean it out
  • Warning: doctors of deceit


  • Current drug/medication system is proven a failure
  • Heart and blood pressure drugs create cancer and rot the brain
  • Dump the diabetologist who doesn’t repair HDL
  • No “complete physical exam” is complete without it
  • Getting rid of diabetes
  • Heal the thyroid
  • Macular degeneration reversal is ignored