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  • Get the thallium out after heart x-rays
  • Rescue “dead” heart muscle
  • Prepare for cardiac emergencies at home now; Part I
  • Another answer to cancer: nutrients proven better than chemo
  • Is your brain silently starving?
  • D-Ribose for your emergency drug box
  • Aspirin and pain meds cause high B/P, strokes, deafness and eye damage


  • Dangers of osteoporosis drugs
  • Learn why your cholesterol is rising in spite of doing “all the right things”
  • Nutrients reverse heart failure
  • Flu protection made easy
  • Can’t lose weight? You must remove phthalates
  • An herb for childhood leukemia
  • Mercury dental filling during pregnancy damage fetus’s brain


  • How not to Die in the Emergency room, Part II of III
  • Are these missing from your cancer program?
  • The celery solution
  • FDA protects drug that triples heart attack
  • Never ignore any warning
  • Are you part of the Plavix Ploy?
  • Tired eyes? Feed them


  • How not to die in the Emergency Room, Part III
  • Drugs proven to be useless in disease and to even accelerate death
  • Abolish cancers from tap water
  • Protect against medical x-ray side effects
  • Injected wrinkle filler dangers
  • How to cure endometriosis
  • Norvasc shrinks brains


  • Recent cardiology guidelines drive drug sales
  • Does your urologist put money ahead of your life?
  • The fallacy of “Normal Level” heavy metal levels
  • Cure diabetic neuropathy, don’t kill your eyes with Lyrica
  • Vitamin D for diabetes, depression and deterioration
  • Beware of cheap nutrients, they cause Alzheimer’s
  • Plavix and aspirin pitfalls


  • Cure diabetic kidney disease before it kills you
  • No nitroglycerin without these nutrients
  • Zinc to rejuvenate energy
  • Help for child’s brain cancer
  • Polycarbonates are not safe


  • One nutrient replaces four prescription heart/blood pressure/cholesterol drugs
  • Do you already have leaky mitochondria
  • Arresting arrhythmias without drugs, cardio-version or ablation
  • It’s not the meat that is bad
  • Stents: a clot magnet and not even FDA approved
  • Zinc link to kill pancreatic is yours?


  • Don’t let antibiotics start your downhill demise
  • Let’s put an end to ignorant endocrinologists
  • Infertile? Only in the (infertile) minds of medicine
  • How not to die of a diabetic heart
  • Pineapple Power
  • Doctors’ common Candida treatment mistakes


  • Protest against back to school infections and allergies
  • What to do when nitroglycerine no longer works
  • Calcium channel blocker RX is a sign of blissful ignorance
  • Boost the power of your detox cocktail
  • Selenium: the destiny mineral
  • Caution: misleading labels like “No BPA” and “No Trans Fats”
  • Arrhythmia drug that kills
  • Nix flare-ups in asthma


  • Hold that joint surgery until you evaluate the Lumen
  • Defiant, delinquent, hyperactive children need detoxifying
  • Dangers of low albumin
  • Something growing over the eyeball
  • Toxic nails create arthritis
  • Reverse against homocysteine
  • P.S., don’t forget the PC


  • How to stop cancer from spreading...with MCP
  • Emergency nutrient cuts brain damage from strokes
  • Highway exhausts trigger arrhythmias and cardiac arrests
  • Weight loss protocol in a nutshell
  • Fractionated fats foster diabetes
  • A vitamin that’s better than a flu shot
  • Toxic baby bottles program infants for adult cancers


  • Are you silently rotting from the inside out?
  • Just cure macular degeneration!
  • 3 rules for RX drug users
  • Mitochondrial repair arrests diabetes and other diseases
  • Hidden biofilms: why many cannot get better. Part I of III
  • Lip smacking, facial grimacing a serious pre-Parkinson’s sign
  • Protect against chemotherapy death