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  • Are you prepared for the critical first 15 minutes?
  • Biofilms: they stall healing indefinitely, Part II of III
  • A simple way to drop phthalate levels by more than half in 3 days
  • Nexium and Prilosec create dangerous magnesium deficiencies leading to sudden death
  • Parkinson’s protocol: the 3 Rs
  • Interrupting the vicious cycle of nutrient deficiencies
  • Zinc repairs Vitamin A


  • First step to rejuvenating your brain and making new synapses
  • Is your oncologist killing you?
  • Your choice: Poison an enzyme with cancer-causing chemical or regulate it with a natural nutrient?
  • Legislated flame retardants destroy young and old brains
  • Recipe to rejuvenate the starving brain, ADHD, to Alzheimer’s
  • Simple ways to make a quantum leap in faith


  • Your urgent need for nutrients was never greater
  • Plasticizer disease-triggering danger worse than formerly thought
  • Easy, inexpensive way to cut phthalate levels in half
  • Why many will never get better: Biofilms, Part III of IV
  • Identify flagrant dishonestly in medicine and medical reporting
  • Leaf relief to detox your home
  • Is dairy a cancer risk?


  • The “normal” level for Vitamin D is dangerously wrong
  • First steps in freeing the body from chronic pain
  • An antibiotic that is natural and non-prescription
  • Reversal of glaucoma
  • Did you miss this early warning of brain deterioration?
  • The 1 cancer drug doesn’t work...where does that leave the others?


  • Caution: Eye doctors who tell you not to take vitamin A
  • Prescription drugs are the 1 cause of hospital admissions
  • How to get your tests ordered and drawn without your doctor
  • Medically unsophisticated men are latest drug industry targets
  • The Fosamax folly continues
  • Fetal toxins cause adult cancers
  • Reverse top two causes of death


  • Hyperactivity, Learning Disorder, ADD, ADHD, PDD...all curable
  • Don’t fall victim to the Plavix, statin and aspirin hoax
  • Death to the diabetic epidemic
  • Another heart-arrhythmia drug doubles your death rate
  • Innocent children are drug industry’s target
  • Avoid Evista and rebuild bone
  • Cure fibromyalgia, angina, get rid of common leukemia triggers, etc


  • Guard against the unseen dangers of joint replacements
  • Kinky hair caused by chemotherapy can ward of early death
  • Did your breast and prostate cancer doctors miss this important treatment?
  • Nature’s all-purpose antibiotic
  • Beans and prunes for better bones
  • Calcium useless for osteoporosis, in fact is toxic


  • Solve recurring infections
  • Don’t have your chest cracked! This is better than bypass, Part I of X
  • Magnesium won’t correct? Are you looking in the wrong place?
  • Vitamin D opens the doors for nutritional medicine, since half of American children are deficient
  • Prominent physicians publicly flaunt their medical ignorance
  • Depression is not just a folate deficiency...learn to cure it!


  • Toxic store purchase receipts damage children’s brains
  • Melt away plaque, Part II of X
  • Just cure Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders
  • Nickel toxicity mimics disease
  • How difficult can it be to slow arteriosclerosis?
  • Does arginine cause Herpes reactivation?
  • What are coronary and carotid plaques made of?
  • Raise intestinal sIgA to heal the brain, immune and detox systems


  • The key may be K
  • Do you really need that hip surgery or can you fix it yourself?
  • Melt away Plaque, Part III of X
  • What causes a heart attack in healthy young folks?
  • Have you done your myo-fascial release stretch today?
  • Stomach, gum and other hidden bugs create heart disease


  • Melting Coronary Plaque, part IV of X: Fat’s where it’s at!
  • Reverse impending blindness
  • A simple tool for our overweight children
  • Air pollution: A silent treatable cause of fatal arrhythmias and heart attacks
  • Protect yourself against toxic airline syndrome
  • Stop the rise of leukemias and other cancers


  • Did your diabetes doc miss this anti-aging key?
  • Melt away plaque, Part V of X
  • Caution: docs who blame your genes
  • Lowering heavy metals is pivotal for resistant hypertension cures
  • Protect your liver from holiday alcohol
  • Curing post-partum depression
  • Depression warns of other diseases silently brewing