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  • Part VI of X, Melting Plaque: Emergency Heart Repair after a Heart Attack
  • What every woman with breast cancer must now
  • Causes and cures for loose joint replacements
  • The heart repair cocktail’s 5 ingredients
  • The right fats make cancer cells commit suicide
  • “Experts” changing the name of a cancer to save money
  • Rationing of medical care is here


  • Part VII of X, Melting plaque; What you were not told about your stent
  • Which common prescription heart drugs poison each other?
  • The Plavix ploy worsens
  • Medications to loose and medications to use after a stent
  • How a stent changes the rules of healing
  • Rescue from impending blindness


  • How to cut your risk of death a walloping 80%
  • Don’t let a high fat meal create a heart attack
  • Part VIII of X: Plaque reversal; The Mitochondrial repair cocktail
  • Dangerous cardiologists use chemotherapy instead of curing heart disease
  • Stool test shows if your pancreas is in impending trouble
  • Reverse early color blindness
  • Heart meds deplete Co Q10


  • Part IX of X: Reverse plaque and how to heal after a heart attack
  • The “bone on bone” scam
  • BNP, the best crystal ball test predicts cardiac disaster with no symptoms yet
  • Grapefruit: crucial for coronaries
  • Take a quantum leap with your plaque reversal program
  • How to correct deficiencies of the Ornish program


  • BNP test predicts death, even with no symptoms
  • How to boost your BNP protection
  • Part X of X, Plaque reversal: Making the low-fat program easier
  • Mysterious arthritis solved
  • American Heart Association recommendations actually increase coronary plaque 45%
  • That new disease may be a late emerging drug reaction


  • Do you need a joint magician? Part I of X
  • Tight muscles mimic “failed joint surgery syndrome”, bad lumbar discs, “bone on bone” joints and sciatica
  • DHA can stop cancer metastases
  • Protect your eyes from cataracts, glaucoma and aging
  • Start early to stop Alzheimer’s


  • Your cancer cure crash course
  • How to turn off chemotherapy’s side effects
  • Killing cancer after you’ve been given up on
  • Do you need a joint magician? Part II of X
  • Another piece of the puzzle for the “failed surgical disc syndrome”. The “pseudo-disc syndrome”, and sciatica
  • Neutralize radiation damage after x-rays


  • A major cancer answer
  • Do you need a joint magician? Part III of X: The muscle that masquerades as monumental misery
  • Pediatricians admit they’re a danger to diabetic children
  • The hormone hoax
  • Dry eyes RX is chemotherapy in disguise
  • Detox your way out of “incurable”
  • Phthalates create autism


  • How to identify the clueless cardiologist
  • How to cure osteoporosis, failed joint implants or jaw bone loss
  • Only the 8-E’s will do for asthma and cancer
  • Do you need a joint magician? Part IV of X
  • The butt of the problem may be your butt
  • Hairdresser chemicals raise havoc with minds and emotions


  • Prostate cancer crash course
  • Do you need a joint magician? Part V of X
  • Caution: diet pills and diet foods create new diseases
  • Another prescription that is a sign of the “clueless cardiologist”
  • Is your CRP (inflammation meter) screaming for DHA?
  • Did your cardiologist forget to feed your mitochondria?
  • If a doc reads and cures, he is called “Unconventional”


  • How our brains are poisoned by government mandates and physician “specialists”
  • Do you need a joint magician? Part VI of X, the perils of the piriformis
  • Laughable advice from “specialists”
  • Getting labs covered by insurance
  • The hidden cause of all disease
  • SAD’s depression isn’t all about light
  • Begin your brain repair today


  • Researchers created prostate cancer then blamed it on nutrients that the men were not even taking
  • New Hidden nightshade sources create crippling pain
  • Avoid the latest atrial fibrillation drug
  • Do you need a joint magician? Part VII of X
  • 5 major stumbling blocks that can thwart your joint pain progress
  • How to protect yourself if you must take hormone replacements