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  • How to diagnose your doctor: Is he a dunce or dynamo?
  • Fix your folate properly
  • The biggest danger to your child?  The pediatrician
  • Do you need a Joint Magician?  Part VIII of X
  • Smooth stride or short shuffling and stumbling gait?
  • Learn how to turn off sudden/labial hypertension and lethal arrhythmias


  • Common U.S. food ingredient equates to filling 2 teeth with mercury every day of your life
  • How to prepare for life-threatening allergic reactions
  • How a hidden zinc deficiency creates all diseases
  • Harvard’s latest prescription for breast cancer?  Just ignore it!
  • Do you need a Joint Magician?  Part IX of X
  • Health magazines are getting sicker


  • How to see through the “legal Lying” which is enormously pervasive on food labels
  • Dump the dangerous pediatrician who treats your child with statins 
  • Do you need a Joint Magician?  Part X of X: Is the soleus the sole of your problem?
  • Solving the disease promoting confusion about vitamin D
  • Inflammation-controlling drugs create cancer
  • Sifting through metastatic cancer choices


  • Danger:  ICU destroys the brain
  • Don’t forget to heal the damaged nerves, and especially MND
  • Accutane begs for cancer in patients plus cancer in offspring
  • Do you have bad genes or just a bad doctor?  Stop and reverse early Alzheimer’s now!
  • Overweight, asthmatic teens are curable
  • Protest against x-ray damage


  • Worse after hospitalization? You may have I.V. Toxic Syndrome
  • Don’t let that high fat meal be your last one
  • Stop colon polyps from becoming cancerous
  • You must heal the mitochondria to cure cancer
  • Cure fatty liver disease (NASH, NAFLD) before it snowballs
  • Tylenol is the #1 cause of liver failure thwart side effects from drugs
  • Get a head start o turning off asthma and Parkinson’s disease
  • Office water coolers leach antimony


  • Everyday foods that silently destroy your health
  • Prevent brain loss after surgery
  • Fight fat with fat
  • The key start for cancer patients
  • Hold that knee and uterine surgery until you know this
  • Leading medical center doctors flaunt their ignorance


  • The hormone that rejuvenates memory, Parkinson’s, sleep and more
  • Tranquilizers and sleep medications rot the brain 4-fold
  • Vitamin D3 fights Alzheimer’s brain amyloid
  • Not-so-sweet table toxins
  • Dental plaque cure that costs nothing and is done at home
  • How a muscle cramp can save your life
  • A gift of the crystal ball heartscan


  • Change food fears into healing food facts
  • The brain rescue that also zaps arrhythmia, angina and chemotherapy death
  • Is your mysterious disease from taking tetracycline in the past?
  • Where to start with quelling the causes of osteoarthritis
  • How to heal the stomach and gut
  • More stealth toxins at the table
  • More medical specialists publically flaunt their ignorance


  • Insomnia remedy without nutrients
  • Simple way to arrest clots
  • How to stop the “invisible” cause of hospital death
  • Healing dying hipbones, diagnoses as avascular necrosis
  • Auto-immune disease can be causes by antibiotics
  • Focus on membrane repair
  • Doctors admit in study, they don’t know what tests to order, nor how to interpret them


  • Here is a crystal ball tests the predicts death
  • How to diagnose new onset of food allergies that masquerade as mysterious, incurable diseases
  • Worms as potent medicine
  • Rescue for babies’ brains: more silent danger than ever
  • How to tell you’re in trouble when told “everything is fine”
  • Dissolve clots before they kill


  • Order your own crystal ball tests to save your life
  • Beware of thyroid prescriptions: they don’t cure but merely mask
  • The ignored homocysteine cure and perpetrated methylation myth
  • Coumadin dangers and safe substitutes
  • How to use odd moments to strengthen your body
  • Guard against medicine’s ignorance


  • The chromium caper can cure cholesterol and cravings
  • The missed homocysteine cure and methylation myth
  • Finding the cause and cure costs less than Rx drugs
  • The membrane, not the gene, is the cell control
  • Dangers of wrinkle removers and lip plumper’s
  • Help for intractable hemorrhoids
  • Depression warns of other diseases silently brewing