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  • Taurine: don’t leave home without it
  • Is the physical exam dead?
  • R-LA for brain rejuvenation
  • Get rid of the #1 cause of disease
  • Never underestimate the power of diet and detoxification
  • With that daily aspirin, remember Phosphatidyl Choline Powder
  • Forewarned is fore-armed


  • Exhausted but tests are normal?
  • You eat foods that produce opioid addiction, schizophrenia and obesity
  • Dangers of drugs with similar names
  • Candida prophylaxis useless
  • How one nutrient replaces 3 prescription drugs
  • Repair dangerous resting pulse over 80 beats per minute


  • Solution for one of the worst stealth toxins that destroys life
  • The copper conundrum can cure or kill
  • Easy solution for constant radiation damage
  • Warning: the AMA has proven itself an extreme danger to your future health
  • Heal those young brains, don’t poison them


  • The 6 pillars of poison pollutants
  • Did you feed your internal “Terminator” today?
  • The best magnesium miracle
  • Is your disease stuck forever or are you just ignoring HMT?
  • Gout’s elevated uric acid forecasts early cardiac death
  • Cures that are swept under the rug
  • Clearing confusion about “normal” vitamin D levels
  • Copper can stop DVT clots
  • The latest: buying a heart attack


  • Life relies on electrons to supply the electricity of cells
  • Mold mania mimics a multitude of maladies
  • Stalled healing? Check E-8
  • When healing the eye, check its electricity, called voltage
  • How to find hidden cancers
  • How to tell if your pancreas is secretly dying
  • Safe satisfying salt substitute


  • Beware of oncologists who warn you to avoid nutrients
  • 5 easy steps to tame your internal “Terminators”
  • Ablation is like hiring a doc to give you a heart attack
  • U.S. health is down to #37, but its cost is up to world #1
  • Beyond your ejection fraction, find vessels ready to rupture
  • Control fungi that live inside all of our blood cells


  • Avoid #1 cause of death from implants, which become infection, biofilms and clot magnets
  • Injectable heparin: an absolute must in your emergency box
  • Low-down on PRP, stem cells, restless legs, plantar fasciitis
  • Say “No” to NSAIDs for cancer
  • Highway pollutants trigger heart attacks, lung clots and arrhythmias
  • Millions have paid cardiologists to give them a heart attack, called “ablation”


  • Non-surgical gallstone and kidney stone removal
  • Aspirin has no impact on death rate
  • Herb and food phyto-nutrients fight hyper-coagulability, the (death-defining clotting) syndrome
  • Chronic back pain rescue
  • Understanding the connectedness of all disease
  • You and I: the invisible generation
  • Protect kids from antibiotics
  • Antibiotic-resistant bugs biofilm solutions


  • Bugs that create plaque, cancer, and clots lurk in the mouth
  • The Homocysteine Hoax
  • The correctable cause of all disease: it’s all coming together
  • Arthritis cause ignored
  • Can the tooth fairy bring brain cancer?
  • Processed foods; iron can create cancers
  • Potent arthritis solutions


  • One simple nutrient to reverse heart disease
  • Order the test that can save your life
  • Strip those cancer cells naked
  • How hospitals increase the chance of death 10-fold
  • Another common yet serious nutrient deficiency that cardiologists miss
  • The only test to show non-calcified plaque, the #1 killer
  • Pleiomorphism, the key to cancer


  • Ablation for fibrillation? It’s the biggest fib about A-fib
  • Evidence for the Plavix ploy
  • How to double your brain power in a few months
  • A no-cost body electron boost
  • A correctable cause of all chronic diseases
  • How food's MSG damages the brain and heart


  • What you had better teach your oncologist
  • Selenium is crucial for healing cancer and stopping metastacies
  • FDA’s hidden deceit regarding the safety of drugs and devices
  • The deadliest place to be? Clearly the hospital
  • How to tank up on healing electrons with Vitamin V
  • One herb for hepatitis, NASH’s fatty liver and chemo side effects