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  • You don’t have to die this year
  • Lactate, a hidden indicator of death
  • Be sure you use the crystal ball tests to save your life
  • Why are you suddenly salt sensitive and hypertensive
  • Common pain medicines lead to heart attacks and worsen strokes
  • Diabetes meds can shorten life


  • FDA uses U.S. diet to create chronic and killer diseases
  • What’s best for the flu?
  • Common food damaging chemical lasts 8 years in the body
  • Dissolve away carotid plaque
  • Lipitor and Crestor rot brain and create chronic diseases
  • Thyroid nodules: What to do
  • Phthalates program fetus for cancer


  • What to do for one of your predictors of death, a high LpPLA2
  • Common and expensive, blood tests, as for Lyme’s, genes and hormones are useless
  • Non RX blood thinners, pain medications (NSAIDs) and even aspirin can cause deadly clots
  • Best RX for A-fib is you must take one
  • 5 Pillars of the pollution solution


  • Carry these emergency meds with you wherever you go, forever and rehearse their use
  • How to outlive your oncologist
  • Is that cancer really incurable?
  • How to organize your nutrients
  • When antibiotics create worse infections than Candida
  • Prescription medications that cause diabetes
  • Warning on blood thinners: no test of whether they work!


  • Tylenol causes cataracts
  • Don’t let sugar cause heart disease; cure your hypoglycemia
  • Stop the libido lie: “When the moment is right” just cure your erectile dysfunction
  • Glycine defuses chemo brain
  • Reverse the causes of disease
  • Best nutrients useless without PC
  • Control your future coronary calcium score


  • Long awaited answers for osteoarthritis
  • Urgent: Cure IBS, for the gut is the second brain
  • Boron boost affects all tissues
  • Thwart common food additives that cause Alzheimer’s
  • Clear up lover cysts, fatty deposits, NASH and hepatitis
  • Lab test in danger


  • How to stay away from deadly statins, yet keep your doctor
  • Brassica boost thwarts cancers
  • The malignant mismanagement of magnesium
  • How to diagnose the clueless cardiologist
  • Trouble getting rid of Candida
  • Vitamin D on the endangered list
  • A cancer crystal ball test


  • Fibrinogen: the forgotten kiss of death
  • That iron in your nutrients can be a killer
  • Don’t fall victim of coronary calcium score rationing
  • Caution: check your “invisible” physicians
  • Understanding the connectedness of all disease
  • You and I: the invisible generation
  • Protect kids from antibiotics
  • Antibiotic-resistant bugs biofilm solutions


  • Does your brain need a lithium lift?
  • The wrong vitamin E can kill you
  • Low vitamin D predicts obesity
  • Eggs are “eggsactly” what you need
  • Diabetes drugs that create cancer
  • Overcome Allergies to disease mimicking implants


  • Feed your memory’s “hippo”
  • Purple for colon cancer control
  • Sports “energy” drinks are for loosers
  • Top w “correctable” reasons why some will never get better
  • Gene damage os easily reversed
  • Learn to turn off cancer but don’t dally
  • Don’t let age discrimination dictate your lifespan


  • The 24 HIDDEN reasons why healing is indefinitely stalled
  • Did you get this prostate cancer crystal ball test?
  • Those pink packets of fake sugars can destroy brain
  • 80,000 men will be falsely told their prostate biopsies are negative this year
  • Fatty liver disease: a completely curable epidemic
  • FDA advice? Be sure to add Pop-Tarts to your next salad


  • Consider a “spot welding” job on those joints
  • Erase chronic joint pain in just 2 months
  • Flower power for prostatitis
  • Leading diabetes drug damages brain
  • Prolotherapy: bringing new life to old joints
  • Tocotrienols have reversed MSG’s Alzheimer’s damage