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  • Installment 2: The 24 HIDDEN reasons that keep everyone sick
  • Journal if the American Medical Association confirms the #1 cause of death is medical treatment
  • PTSD victims need to detox
  • The herb to ward off deterioration of memory and mood
  • Slow down and even reverse Lp PLA2 soft plaque progression
  • Aspirin benefits are de minimis


  • Continuation: the repairable reasons that keep everyone sick
  • Nutrients that stifles inflammation
  • You can start one of Alzheimer’s neglected cures today
  • Stop GMO foods from creating allergies & auto-immunity
  • You control your genes, not vice versa
  • Fix for your afternoon energy slump


  • How to diagnose the dangerous diabetes and “gene” docs
  • Heavy metal interference fields bring healing to a screeching halt
  • More neglected (yet correctable) crystal ball tests predict death
  • Cancer docs inappropriately Rx Co Q10
  • Last chance to heal your cancer?
  • Fire your invisible doctor
  • Is that a drug reaction?
  • Expensive stem cells can be useless with/out assay and detox


  • Rescue yourself from implants and dysbiosis
  • Y-Toc protects hearts
  • Is your road to health paved with good intestines?
  • Nexium and Prilosec create heart attacks and fertilize cancer
  • You are not only what you ate, but what your food source ate
  • R Lipoic detoxes mycotoxins
  • Neglected cancer cures


  • These 9 medical errors keep you fat, fatigued and forever forgetful
  • The needs of the knees: overcoming knee osteoarthritis
  • Malignant melanoma mystery solved
  • Is it loss of hearing or (correctable) loss of electrons
  • Taurine to charge your energy
  • If your doctor is stuck, teach your doctor to THINK


  • Simple diet changes erase disease
  • Blood test that shows you’ll be dead in a year
  • Feed your “hippo” and reverse “old age” memory loss
  • How the FDA creates chronic disease
  • Get rid of silent brain-damaging toxins
  • Figuring out your own food allergies


  • It is time to trade your cancer dunce for a dynamo?
  • Common drugs that deceivenly destroy the brain
  • Crystal ball tests tell when you’ll die, even if you feel well
  • 1 in 3 healthy young women has coronary calcification
  • N-telopeptide tells if you are losing bone on your current program
  • Heal your fatty liver and cysts via the “toco” transition


  • Memorize these signs of unsuspected imminent death
  • Blood tests and EKGs don’t rule out a heart attack
  • Statins, Nexium, Prilosec, and Tylenol create cataracts
  • A grapefruit a day donates electrons to keep disease away
  • EEDs can bring life t o a screeching halt
  • Excess body fat stores electron stealers and clogs the brain


  • Formula for prevention and treatment of Altzheimer’s
  • Dangers that lurk in the hospital
  • Fixing one simple nutrient deficiency can banish disease
  • Statins proven to have no bearing on death rate, but huge life-depleting side effects
  • Kidney failure and dialysis are the last chance
  • The greatest medical mistake of the century
  • Rescue from memory loss
  • Pandemic Vitamin D deficiency fuels all chronic diseases


  • Foods that donate healing electrons
  • How to avoid dying this year
  • Over 1 in 3 young “healthy” women in their 40’s already has coronary artery disease
  • Cancer-causing sandwiches
  • Electrons: the staff of life


  • One nutrient solves insomnia, depression and cravings
  • Are you clinging to life? Make more mitochondria
  • Foods that steal electrons
  • Are you ready for a blueberry electron boost?
  • How to get your daily quota of disease-fighting electrons
  • Only the right folic acid makes new brain cells
  • How to avoid dying this year


  • Cure the computer disease
  • The Canola con triggers heart and brain calcifications
  • How popular sports deinks can actually defeat the athlete
  • Toxic arsenic is not just in rice
  • Testosterone and DHEA, hidden hormone deficiencies silently accelerate disease
  • How to save your spouse’s life