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  • Over-view for boosting healing electrons
  • Thwarting FDA-potentiated Alzheimer's
  • Getting rid of this hidden food ingredient might just cure you
  • Stop cancer cells from metastasizing
  • How medicine promotes hormone handicaps
  • To beat lung cancer you must take control


  • Is that nutrient really outdated?
  • Medicine has just declared you a non-entity
  • From fat frenzy to fat fetish: Settling the fat fatigue
  • Bipolar? Manic-depressive? Or brain chemistry needing repair?
  • Magnesium rescue for traumatic brain injuries and strokes
  • Curing eczema can be cheap
  • A crucial heart attack prevention


  • Your Cancer treatment program
  • A hug a day may keep disease away
  • How heartburn creates a heart attack
  • The cure is Alimentary, my dear Watson
  • Thyroid cancer the newest hidden epidemic
  • How flawed studies promote chronic diseases
  • Get rid of your allergies now
  • Low down on new cholesterol drug, Repatha ®


  • Lithium (low dose) for a brain that lasts a lifetime
  • Exercise: a powerful electron generator
  • WANTEDL a cardiologist who can think outside the box
  • Dangerous eye docs recommend artificial tears
  • Never succumb to fatty liver disease
  • The canola con continues
  • For an Easter gift, create your own resurrection


  • Did they really die from cancer or just ignorance
  • The simplest cure for fatty liver
  • One nutrient stops pancreatic cancer from deli meats
  • Don’t let exercise’s electrons damage your brain
  • A proven, inexpensive way to lower the #1 pollutant, plastics
  • Start with the basic formula for your plaque attack


  • Rescue for folks who think their health is stalled
  • Calcium the killer
  • Devices to boost electrons, your most important nutrient
  • Star Trek medicine has arrived
  • The piezo-electric body needs PC
  • Is that shortness of breath because your heart is dying?
  • Harvard public health physicians flaunt their nutritional ignorance


  • Turn off diabetes before it becomes an accelerated form of Alzheimer’s
  • The sulfur solution for reversal of resistant diseases and busting clots
  • All lectins are not bad
  • Boost your adrenal stress gland
  • Glyphosate levels are 6x higher in America than Europe
  • Look for the sulfur lining


  • High blood pressure caused by NSAID pain medication
  • Harvard MDs flaunt their nutritional ignorance
  • First step to decontaminate your body from poisoning corn/mercury
  • Unexpected cure for back pain, depression and fibromyalgia
  • Is that shortness of breath because your heart is silently dying?
  • What causes dangerous loss of sense of smell?


  • Hidden danger of “a little” shortness of breath
  • Most b/p measurements are don incorrectly, leading to more meds
  • How to rescue the silently failing heart, which kills quicker than cancer
  • Know how to avoid the foods that make the body self-destruct
  • Reverse auto-immune disease
  • Avoid death from the clueless cardiologist


  • Rescue post-surgery brain deterioration
  • A-fib, the biggest “fib” in medicine
  • The real causes and unknown cures for leaky gut
  • Small changes can heal the entire body
  • All lectins are not bad, we actually need lectins
  • Hypoallergenic muffin in a mug
  • Magnesium reverses early Alzheimer’s memory loss


  • The cure for hypertension and sleep apnea epidemics
  • Fatigues, fat and forgetful? Just fix it!
  • Testing your NO (vasodilating anti-oxidant nitric oxide) at home
  • More tools to heal the leaky gut
  • Diagnosing the dangerous endocrinologist
  • Specialties: one of medicine’s biggest mistakes
  • Spinal injuries require speed
  • Common chemicals that insidiously damage the thyroid


  • Make sure you can fight off any cancer
  • CSE for leaky gut
  • How to get rid of high B/P and cardiac plaque
  • You can heal what cancer specialists cannot
  • Before surgery, prepare yourself, for surgeons work blindly
  • Doctors may no longer need to study science or to re-certify