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  • Start the year with the right crystal ball test
  • Reversing the 7 major causes of chronic diseases
  • Another unseen cause of killer diseases, atrazine
  • The Teflon truth: it destroys thyroids, hearts and brains
  • We are doomed if we don’t detox
  • How the FDA guarantees we lead the world in chronic diseases
  • 10 reasons thyroid treatment fails


  • Hydrogen for healing and detox
  • How that bedtime sugar before damages the heart
  • Is your cancer doc a dangerous dunce, or a dynamo? Test him
  • Rescue your brain from silent deterioration
  • Plagued by insomnia? Look at the hidden control, the gut
  • Why you are not absorbing your nutrients


  • The leaky gut may just be stuffed with fat
  • Getting that athlete’s edge
  • The 7-M major causes of chronic diseases
  • Not even soap is safe; triclosan causes cancer
  • The Lyme disease lie
  • Beans repair the microbiome
  • Don’t fall for vitamin E-bashing
  • JAMA has just set medicine back 50 years; they state that nutrients are not needed!


  • Protect yourself from the hospital: the most dangerous environment
  • Celery, celer-ah, celer-eee, celerah,-ah, -ah, -ah, -ah, -ah ♪♫ ♪♫♯
  • A-fib and hypertension need their “anchor” supplements
  • Titanium: morphs from joint replacements and dental implants to arthritis and brain damage/li>
  • Easy Cruciferous cures


  • How to diagnose the dangerous endocrinologist
  • Millions secretly at risk for curable memory loss
  • Caution: diet gurus who advise citrus avoidance
  • Parsley to reprogram genes?
  • MSG means serious misguidance
  • When your vitamin doesn’t work?
  • Amino acid that controls blood pressure, fatty liver and sleep apnea
  • Toxins from food’s aluminum foil


  • Forgotten Facts: curing cystitis without antibiotics
  • GMO foods kill Glycine, the hinge, anchor and healer
  • Thousands of cancer patients are cheated via CT and CEA
  • Don’t forget to demand this test on your next physical
  • Sweet dreams for someone you love who is in a nursing home
  • Rescue your liver before the hepatologist kills you


  • Avoid fighting the opioid epidemics of brain and joint decay; resurrect your memory and joint motion
  • Get rid of knee arthritis before it destroys your life
  • Repairing early a memory loss and even reverse Alzheimer’s
  • Undeniable niacin benefits of clot-busting electron charge and feeding the brain


  • Irregular heartbeats demand immediate look for cause and cure
  • Arresting the depression/suicide epidemics
  • Don’t forget when you heal one thing you heal many
  • One more way the cancer patient is enormously cheated
  • Start making healing smoothies
  • Many roles for one phytonutrient
  • D = Dangerous Dunce if your oncologist doesn’t measure this


  • You need to have a broccoli brain-boost
  • The opioid epidemic answer
  • Has olive oil lost its virginity?
  • The heart medicine that slowly kills
  • Delay and even reverse some Parkinson’s disease
  • Healing with hydrogen


  • 17% under 40 already have hypertension
  • Testosterone creates heart attacks
  • 25-year olds already have (reversible) Alzheimer’s and coronary calcifications
  • Novel probiotic also detoxifies
  • Vitamin D crucial to normalize diabetes and A1C (aging CBT)
  • Think twice if you’re on diabetes meds, the new side effects are worse than the disease


  • Get yourself galvanized
  • A sign of brain deterioration without symptoms is reversible
  • Testing your cardiologist is absolutely crucial
  • For curing depression, start with our THINK acronym
  • Don’t forget to sneak around the house
  • Millennials already have early Alzheimer’s lesions
  • The cure for labile hypertension


  • You need to prepare for your worst emergency
  • Healing in spite of the clueless cardiologist
  • Poisoned peroxisomes (the kiss of death) rescued by Tocotrienols
  • Protection of eye, heart and brain includes taurine
  • Cut chance of colon cancer in half
  • Need an adrenal hormone boost?
  • How to test your doctor. Your life depends on it.