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  • How the ketogenic diet can heal or harm
  • Victims of current thyroid “specialists”
  • Reverse auto-immune disease
  • More ways to heal the gut and obesity
  • Is hydrogen the universal antioxidant?
  • Last month’s quiz answers; test your docs
  • BEMER magnetic field therapy


  • Rescue your Valentine from the clueless cardiologist
  • Make sure you survive the emergency room
  • Know these hidden nightshades to keep arthritis away
  • An answer to the opioid epidemic
  • Crystal ball tests show imminent danger with no symptoms
  • The sweet cardiac solution


  • Protect yourself from your implant
  • Alzheimer’s patients are forever cheated
  • GSE to heal the leaky gut
  • Molecular hydrogen is the universal antioxidant
  • Arginine heals blood vessels and prevents clots
  • Improperly treated homocysteine becomes silently lethal
  • Daily aspirin, not totally harmless
  • Start to learn to interpret your Cardio/ION


  • Artificial sweeteners are only for the ignorant
  • Never ignore these first signs of early kidney death
  • Make triply sure you’re ready for an emergency
  • Elastase: an early yet serious pancreatic warning
  • How to reverse knee arthritis
  • Hydrogen for prevention of Alzheimer’s
  • Gamma-tocopherol kills human prostate cancer cells


  • What makes the coronavirus so deadly?
  • How does this virus get into our cells?
  • How to close the Corona virus gates
  • Medicines that make you Corona-bait
  • American medicine specialists work blindly, but you do not need to
  • America needs an oil change
  • Mineral magic can make or break your success
  • Simple test shows if you are in danger


  • Prepare for Corona’s 2nd wave now
  • Why the US will be hardest hit
  • How does Corona kill?
  • How to begin to make yourself Corona-proof
  • Zinc for virus birth control
  • D3 closes the Corona gates
  • Medications create Alzheimer’s and open Corona’s gates


  • Corona is more like a cancer than a flu
  • Stop Corona virus from getting inside your cells
  • Vitamin D chokes off cancer’s sugar supply and closes Corona’s gates
  • Mangled trans fats, a most potent 7M, demand an oil change
  • What Corona tests should you do?
  • Why US folks are most vulnerable for the 2nd wave


  • I think that I have discovered more on the corona answer
  • Stop Corona’s morphing from the common cold to a quick-killing cancer.
  • Stop arsenic toxicity and loss of minerals in the cell’s matrix communication system
  • Shingles is a gift, if used wisely
  • Protect your gut after eating out


  • The creation of a quick-killing cancer from a common cold virus
  • Clarification of the hydroxychloroquine controversy
  • Your pet can save your life
  • Hydrogen for implant biofilms
  • Vitamin D3 closes the Corona gates
  • Zinc is the Corona virus birth control
  • For hibernating Covid-19 heal the leaky gut


  • Curb those carbs and feast on fat
  • Exercise fuels memory & protects against Covid-19
  • Individualized keto diet aids Corona-proofing
  • Healing the insulin receptor to stop insulin resistance
  • A root to moderate metastases and CoV-19
  • HDL is more important than cholesterol, and raised by saturated fat


  • Your 8-stage Corona-proof starter
  • Keto diet for insulin resistance and Covid protection
  • What to fix when your thyroid hormone doesn’t work
  • America needs an oil change
  • Fight disease with the right fats
  • Repair vitamin, hormone and Covid-19 receptors


  • One inexpensive nutrient cuts your Covid-19 and ICU death rate 34%
  • Change your focus from just surviving or thriving
  • Anti-ketogenic articles flaunt biochemical ignorance
  • Learn what ICU docs don’t know about saving your life
  • Myth Destroyed: “Your diet covers all your nutrient needs”